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LoveStorm is a trendy online women's clothing store that opened in March of 2018 and it owned and operated by Marissa Jeans (http:/

A little bit about Marissa:

I am 23 years old from Texarkana, AR. I lived in Fayetteville, AR for 2 years while attending the University of Arkansas, then packed up and moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in modeling. I'm back in Texarkana now and chasing another dream of mine, being an entrepreneur and owning my own business.

What makes LoveStorm different from any other online clothing store? 

LoveStorm is unique because we want to make everyone feel confident, beautiful and special. Most of our traffic comes from instagram and we pride ourselves on posting everyone who sends/tags us in their pictures on instagram. Some large online stores only post those perfect blogger, model photos that seem impossible to achieve. Well we think everyone is beautiful, and deserves recognition so we repost everyone - and love and appreciate every singe one of our customers!


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